Thursday, August 15

Station Identification

This has been a whirlwind week.  Sunday we started driving back home and got in about noon on Monday. The kids started school Tuesday and I went back to work.  Wednesday I headed two hours away to Louisville (KY) for the Governor's Conference on Local Issues.  I'll be back home tomorrow.

While I thought I'd have plenty of downtime to write I find in actuality I'm too tired to think.  I tried to watch the premier of the 4th season of Duck Dynasty last night and slept through the whole thing.

I overslept this morning, even though I was planning on running before my first session this morning, and ended up missing the first session which was about the local food movement.  Bummed about that, but I did squeeze in a run.

So hopefully I can get caught up on my sleep soon and get back to my regular posting schedule.

I've got three posts that I need to do and a few I plan to do.  The first three are:

Why I Did It 2013

How I Did It 2013

How It Feels

For my regular readers (because there are a few new ones out there...Hi!) you'll remember those were the three questions my wife thought I should answer after last year's race.  I want to revisit and update them.

In the near future I'm going to have guest posts from my crew, a post on why I'm glad I'm not a pro, a post on the effects--immediate and longer term--of the race on me and my life, and a post on what lays ahead.

In the interim, I saw a post on the Book of Face for a running race called the Sheltowee Challenge 50k.  If you're local I recommend you check this out.  It falls awkwardly in my training for the Iron Horse half marathon, but I plan on doing it anyway.  Wish I were up for the 50k!

There's a link to the event page in my Kentucky Cycling and Running Events page.

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  1. I know I am ready to get home. We leave for home on Saturday.

    When I get home its going to be time to get a NICA team going in my area.