Friday, August 9

The Leadville Saga: Final Thoughts

What I Know:

St Kevin's is in good shape.

Sugarloaf should be in great shape as it was graded on Tuesday.

I can do the Powerline descent.

Avoiding the large waterhole is a good idea.

Pipeline is fun.

Columbine is doable, just a big chunk of the day.

Pipeline is fun.

Powerline is doable, and nothing like Columbine.

The climb to Carter Summit can be done easily in the middle chainring.

From the top of St Kevin's to the bottom of the Boulevard is all downhill.

The Mohican was technically harder.

I've ridden a road century in 6 hours.

I've ridden three road centuries in the past three months.

I don't feel bad after riding 100 miles anymore.

The bike is dialed in.

I'm dialed in.

I did 87 miles of this last year and did really well for most of it.

I've got three mountain bike races under my belt this year.

I love mountain biking.

I'm smarter this year.

I'm faster this year.

I will do this.

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