Sunday, August 11

The Leadville Saga: Finisher

The longer detailed write up will come later.  For now I'm going to give you the facts, just the facts, man. 

I finished in 12:24

The weather threatened to turn bad but held back.  I think the wicked headwind between Twin Lakes and the Hish Fatchery is what slowed me down.  I kept praying: at least 11:59!  It was not to be.

I've never ridden so hard in my life.  I finished, and that means Team Pavement's Edge won.

I couldn't have done it without all of the encouragement and support.  First and foremost Mandy and the kids are my Team Pavement's Edge Race Crew, best darn SAG crew EVER, and they are my biggest fans.


  1. Congratulations! I wondered how you were doing yesterday as I was coasting downhill for almost 70 miles...feeling kinda guilty...

    1. Don't feel guilty at all! Discretion (ie, not riding your MTB 100 miles above 10,000') is the better part of valor (riding your bike in general)

  2. I am torn between feeling happy and sad for you. I thought about you as I was climbing up to Carter summit on the pavement. Powerline took a lot out of me. and I had to find something to keep going there.

    I am glad that you finished the race, that you rode your hardest, and that you finished (you finished a 100 mile mtb race!). Merilee is right that you are better for the journey than you would have been without it.

  3. Definitely don't feel sad for me. I'm not sad at all. The only moment of sadness I had was when I thought maybe they wouldn't give me a finishers medal. But then I decided even that didn't matter. I'm great!

  4. So glad that you were able to make it to the end! Great job, finisher! :O) Finishing is finishing, it doesn't matter what the time. Enjoy it.