Friday, August 9

The Leadville Saga: It's Not All About The Bike

Live From Leadville

PE: We're in Leadville, Colorado with the Pavement's Edge race crew again. Boone, this year is the 20th year of mountain bike racing in Leadville. How does that make you feel considering that's twice your age?

Son: well, two decades is enough time for someone to write twenty books [devolves into uncontrollable giggling and incoherent blather]

Interviewing my kids has backfired.  They just laugh uncontrollably.  I guess I'm going to have to approach strangers on the street to get my stories.

I did try once more later in the day by interviewing the silliest Bean.

PE: I'm here, live from the road to Leadville.  I'm going to interview our team broom. It giggles like a little girl, but I think it's got a lot of insight into what's going to happen on Saturday.  So Broom...

Team broom:  [giggles]

PE: What do you think the weather's going to be like on Saturday?

Broom: Forty-FIVE degrees!

PE: Wow, that is a loud broom.  So Broom, are you excited to see all the racers that are going to turn out to do the Leadville 100 on Saturday? 

Broom: Hmph.

PE: Our team broom is shaking its head, but not speaking in this audio interview.  So maybe we'll try one more.  Team Broom, I want your expert opinion, do you think on Saturday during the Leadville 100 that your dad will have a flat tire?

Broom: No!

PE: And what makes you think this?

Broom: Because he's good!

And there you have it folks!  Straight from the team broom's mouth: I'm good.  I think everyone else should just let me shuffle to the front if the line--gold corral--and follow me to the finish line.

It's All About Me

I sent Jeff this text from the road:

Hey, I forgot to remind you, next weekend when you're at the trail day (in the PMRP) remember to talk about me a lot.  Tell everyone I'm doing Leadville and that's why I couldn't make it.  Make sure to tell them I'm the kymba president. Tell them about that time I got that climb clean and you didn't.  Make sure they know I do Strava and you don't.  Oh, and don't forget that day I did a century and you slept all day.  That about covers it.


Big words. You better finish.


I'm thinking about just doing those last few miles I didn't finish last year.  That should earn me a buckle, huh?

What I'll do is slip my chip on some pro and then hide in the woods where I DNFed last year.  When he comes through I'll wrestle him down, get my chip back and ride on in.  I should end up with a pretty good time too.


Tell everyone at leadville about that climb in Clay City I did. And the rock I rode up at whites branch. Oh, and that I refuse to acknowledge strava.


You'll just sound stupid.  I couldn't do that to a friend.

And we're such good friends that when I went up to his house on a week ago to let him tune my bike and found him clearing three big trees he'd cut from the mountain bike trail I helped him build I told him it was no big deal as long as he had it all cleared up before I got back from Leadville.

Writers Block

My posts have been even more inconsistent than usual.  I have an excuse: I'm on vacation.

Believe it or not this trip has been vacation as much as its been about the race.  Sunday we went to our old church and visited with friends all day.  Monday I rode my old haunts--North and South Table Mountains--and we visited some more.  Late in the day we took the kids to the theater where I watched Race Across the Sky 2010 for the first time and we saw another sequel: Despicable Me 2.  Not funny at all.  We did not laugh until popcorn came out our eye sockets.  That's just not possible.

Tuesday we drove up to Leadville and set up the Team Pavement's Edge Official Race HQ.  I met up with Doug and rode out to Turquoise Lake, we parted ways, and I finished last year's race.  Then we met up with Glen2 and went out to visit the fitch hashery and back to town for the mining museum.  We had dinner with Doug Tuesday night, then went to bed early for a big day Weenesday. 

The plan was to drive back to the plains and spend the day, and I'd planned to ride a little, but the threat of rain, the logistical task of dropping me off and meeting up again had me forego taking the bike.  Instead I hung out at my old neighborhood coffee shop writing (obviously not blog posts) and then took a walk through our old neighborhood.  While I was playing emotional roulette Mandy and the kids were visiting with friends from school.  We met up after lunch and took the kids to the new neighborhood park that was under construction before we moved--it's pretty cool--and then visited the rest of the evening with Glen2's family.  It was a late drive back to Leadville.

At 4:30am MST Thursday we were on the road from Leadville to Kremmling where we were meeting Tim, another friend from Golden, for a day of fly fishing.

Bean had stayed in Lindtopia overnight while the rest of the race crew slayed fish (no fish were harmed during the research, composition, publication or promotion of this blog post).  We three had breakfast at the Moose Cafe in Kremmling with Tim, which is notable from a cycling standpoint as a town along the Tour Divide, before snagging our day licenses and heading up to the Park Range on the edge of the Mount Zirkel Wilderness to Teal Lake.

Tim is a professional fly fishing guide and a good friend.  He took us fly fishing the weekend before Leadville last year in the Gore Range at Lower Cataract Lake above Green Mountain Reservoir.

We'd been looking forward to this part of our trip all week.  Needless to say it was a fantastic day!  Boone caught his first fish ever and wouldn't touch it unless we had gloves for him to wear.  He got to row the drift boat.  And he didn't fall in the lake or get his school shoes muddy.  Pretty good day!

We begged off early, but in reality were all tired, and retrieved Bean at a meetup in Georgetown.  Then, after all day driving, sitting in the boat, and driving some more, we only had an hour in the car back to Leadville.

We got into town at 6pm local.  The whole crew went with me to pick up my packet.  We oogled the stuff in the Leadville Race Series mercantile, and then we returned to HQ for refueling and rest.

It was an early night.  Now I lay in bed on Friday morning composing this conclusion to a long, long, long blog post.

Soon we'll all awake and feed the hunger in our bellies before meandering over to the expo and pre-race meeting.  Then, in good Old West fashion, we'll go stick up the mercantile with our pistolas (read: debit cards) before returning to HQ for rest, bike tuning, and strategery.  Oh, at some point today we have to go out and drive the SAG route too.  Yay.  More driving.

So that's why I haven't blogged too much this week.  We fully expected tons of down time.  We didn't get it, but it has been relaxing and restful.

In 24 hours I should be climbing up Sugarloaf toward the Powerline descent.

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