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Challenging Centuries for Kentucky

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What was challenging for me was having the time to do each of the rides, not in actually turning the pedals enough to cover 300 miles.  It didn’t help that I was on a mountain bike racing kick this summer and the road rides didn’t exactly contribute to the training I wanted to be doing.  Oh, I know they contributed.  Those miles were good miles for me, but they weren’t dirty miles.
I really wanted to do the Redbud Ride and missed out on that one.  Mandy and I definitely plan on doing it next spring.  That might be the only organized road ride I participate in in 2014. Stop laughing!
The Horsey Hundred was a great route and I had a good day out early by myself, but I don’t know that I need to go back and do it again for a fee.  Same goes for the Preservation Pedal.
The Old Kentucky Home Tour though…
I would have foregone the ride altogether if not for the KCC.  Since I had subjected myself to the Horsey and the Preservation I couldn’t not do the OKHT.  By September it seemed like 2013 had become the year of me pedaling through all the (at least Central and Eastern) Kentucky rites of passage that I hadn’t already gotten to.  The Horsey was definitely one of those.  The OKHT was another.  
The Louhvall Byksickling Club sponsors the ride which has been going on for something like eons—36 of them—and it is an old standard for cyclists in the tri-state area.  We saw lots of Hoosiers and Buckeyes as well as our home staters.
In retrospect, I think the smaller organized rides are where it’s all at.  These big rides just don’t have a homey feel.  Everyone says the Redbud was amazing, and I’m hoping that it doesn’t outgrow its appeal.  I can’t wait to do it next year, but I don’t think I have any interest in revisiting the Horsey or the OKHT.  Since the Preservation Pedal moves around I could see doing it again if there is an interesting route in the future.
I was bummed at the finish of the OKHT when I was told that we’d be notified at some indefinite point in the future about claiming our jersey.  They said there was to be a sort of graduation ceremony type event in Lexington later in the fall and if you couldn’t attend they’d mail the jersey to you.  That’s really got to suck for those people that travelled so much over the summer who can’t make another long trip.  More waiting.  It's all about the jersey after all...
Anyway, I’m happy I got in on this inaugural year of the Challenge.  I’d like to see a Dirty Century Challenge developed.  I’ve got a couple of ideas, but we need some more development and better off-road cycling opportunities for it to really take off.

ADDENDUM - 9/20/13

Here are the numbers per the organizers:

  • 534 people signed up for the Century Challenge
  • 266 people completed the challenge by riding 3 of the 4 partner rides
  •  34  people rode all four rides

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