Friday, September 6

Exploding Cannonballs

This post is really an update on the fleet, not just the Cannonball alone.  The impetus of this post is the loss of my wrenching mojo.  
When we lived in Colorado I did all my own maintenance.  I stripped the Cannonball, had the frame powder coated, and put it all back together.  I rode it extensively for over two years with no major problems.  
Then when I hauled it out of storage last spring the chain was rusted solid.  Once I started monkeying with it everything went downhill.  And from that point forward I've been functionally incompetent when it comes to bike maintenance.
Right now I cannot get the rear derailer adjusted to save my life.  When I thought I'd almost gotten it lined out the front derailer got surly.  On top of that the rear brake caliper won't align with the rotor in such a way the the caliper housing doesn't rub the rotor.
I'm to the point where I want to start over with a whole new drive train, new cables and housings; and I'm not sure what to do about the rear brake.
It's frustrating.  I'll figure it out, but it's keeping me from riding the Xtracycle more often.  It's driving me crazy.
The Dogrunner (Allez) is having similar drivetrain issues.  Either I've totally jacked up the rear derailer and need to start over or the cassette is worn out.  Either way the chain is skipping in the most annoying way.  Otherwise the DR is in fine working order.

[Late breaking news: I composed this post yesterday, but last evening I threw the sporty sport bike up on the stand and said: "You're not coming down until we get this sorted out!"  DR complied and I took him out for a blazing fast ascent up Furnace Mountain.  Blazing fast as in 1:34 faster than my fastest ascent prior]
The One is rolling fine.  It needs a deep cleaning, but for now it’s the most reliable mount in the herd.
Minus needs new tires, a better saddle, and a slight tune up.  I'm afraid to touch the rear derailer due to the reasons alluded to above.
Then there's the GFX.  It’s a top secret test bike that in fact has a cracked head tube, but has been covertly converted into an impromptu singlespeed simulator.  It puts me right up there with such test pilots as de Havilland, Derry, and Perelet.  Early test flights…er, rides…have convinced me that a simplespeed is the perfect bike for the Bluegrass Region.
However…since I do not live in the Bluegrass, but enfolded within the Cumberland Plateau, I cannot abide only a singlespeed mountain bike.  Gears are a necessity.  Gears make anything possible.
Before I can think about a production model singlespeed I need to get the Cannonball rolling again.  Got to.  Gotta.

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  1. Some days it doesn't matter what you do, the gears won't tune. I think there is some law of physics that governs that. Murphy's First Law I believe.