Friday, September 20

I'm Not Crazy!!!

 Other people think this way too...

I Am The Bicycle Nostradamus

Oh, and today is going to be a three post day.  I promise.

And since I don't want to go over the three post maximum I have added the following bit to this shorter post.  Last night I attended a panel discussion moderated by WKYT news anchor Sam Dick at the WT Young Library on UK's campus.  It's obvious from reading the comments on 27's facebook page that the same old anti-cycling arguments persist, and across time zones.  I heard all of the same diatribe in Colorado at public hearings for the Deer Creek Challenge.

My absolute favorite is: "When they start paying taxes they can start using the roads!"

What I love about this statement is that the stator understands neither the reality of road funding nor their own nature.  The kind of person who says this kind of thing wouldn't treat cyclists any differently even if we all did pay additional taxes to use the roadways.

Believe me, if I had to start paying to license my bike and some sort of usury tax I'd sure be on my bike more to offset the costs. 

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