Tuesday, September 3

Not So August

A quick glance back shows that August 2012 was my highest mileage month ever.  I rode 617 miles that month.  

Actually I didn’t even have to look back.  I clearly remember ticking past 610 miles and exceeding my previous record.  That I only exceeded my month old record by 7 miles and that I did it in the month I also rode 87 miles of the Leadville 100 was inconsequential.  That’s a lot of miles to ride your bike in a calendar month even if you’re a full time bike commuter.  It was hard to cram in that many miles, and, for me, it will be darn nigh impossible to ever break that record again unless my commuting patterns change significantly.

617 miles in a 31 day month equates to a 19.9 mile per day average.  Just thought I’d throw that in.

So now, as August 2013 is slapping my backside I have to bury my face in my hands and weep tears of shame.  With another Leadville 100 ridden (this time 100% of it) I have only managed 290 miles this month.  Really.  Non-racing miles this past month: 190.  Deplorable.
My daily average this past month was 9.3 miles.

It’s looking like my 2013 total is going to be in the neighborhood of my 2010 mileage of 2,480.  2010 was the year I went from a professed full-time bike commuter to a committed one.  Not…institutionalized.


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