Sunday, September 22

Pass the Pancake Sauce

After I had been "subtly" hinting around that coffee (with half and half that we do not currently possess) and donuts  would elevate my temporal existence to something resembling nirvana my wife asked:  "Do you want me to put on pants and a bra and go get donuts and half and half?"

"Only if you have a burning desire to do so," I replied.  See, I hate to put people out or overtly impose my will on them, but I'm not above subtle manipulations when my tumbly is all rumbly and my caffeine levels have plummeted to dangerous levels.

I had neither the will or the pants on to go get these items for myself at that time, and trying to find either seemed to be an exercise in futility.

I think also that she felt forever indebited to me for making her laugh so hard with the "pancake sauce" comment.  While it was incredibly funny at the time no one currently loitering in my home can remember the context for said comment.  All any of us can come up with is that I said "Pass the pancake sauce."

The looks I received from my family were stunning.  No, they were stunned.  Stunning me.

"What?  I couldn't remember what it's called.  Syrup!"  I'd finally remembered!

Earlier I told the little one: "when you grow up--if it hasn't happened by then--you're going to open a coffee shop-slash-bakery in this town."

She shook her head 'no' and had the nerve to giggle.

I simply added in my oh-you-better-not-disobey-me-when-I've-not-had-coffee voice: "I command you my minion!"

A little later I had a change of heart: "Remember when I said 'when you grow up--if it hasn't happened by then--you're going to open a coffee shop-slash-bakery in this town'?  I'm bumping up the timeframe."

"And," I added, "if you don't feel my advanced project timeline takes into consideration your resource and funding base at this time you can just use the stuff we have in the kitchen here today."

My six year old got up and went in the kitchen to attempt to make me coffee.  While I applaud her inherent need to please people I was disappointed that she put already ground coffee into the coffee grinder.

So I rescued her and put my own coffee making scheme together.  I barely concealed my despondence regarding the paucity of half-n-half in the fridge.  That condition is the impetus of this non-cycling related post.

I just heard Mandy pulling in the driveway.  Oh goody!

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