Tuesday, September 17

Ready the Cannons!

The Cannonball is ready to fly!  
Seems I was using an incompatible derailer/cassette/shifter combo.  I swung by the LBS on Thursday to inquire about a new cassette.  It turns out they had a leftover Shimano Deore 9sp cassette that would do the trick.  I wanted a 34t but it was 32.  Jack started to put it back in the drawer.
"Wait!  32 would work.  How much?"
"Dirt cheap," Jack replied.
"How cheap?"
"Dirty, dirty, dirty," he assured me.
$20 and tax cheap.  I couldn't pass that up so I went ahead and bought it.  I deviated from the plan.  I wanted a lightweight 34t cassette but I couldn't pass on the price.
Thursday night I swapped cassette, adjusted the whole shebang and finally addressed the brake issue. My mojo seemed to have returned.  All I needed was a shiny new component for inspiration.
Since Thursday night the X has made two trips to town and one SAG trip for a half marathon runner in training.  It's hauled Beans and towed a pink princess bike over Steamshovel Hill.
At the parade
In related news...the Ute has been spotted on the same roads hauling groceries.  Team Pavement's Edge is all car-lite again!  Sort of...we do still drive the ole SOVs from time to time to time.
My grandmother has a pear tree in her yard that's left over from the family orchard from way back before my tour of duty on Planet Earth.  It's currently loaded with huge pears.  Mandy and I picked some tonight, and she canned eight jars of pears.  The chickens are digging them too.  When we let them out they bolt straight to her yard where they gorge themselves on the fallen pears.
In a pretentious rage I've decided we need to liberate some of the apples loaded on my sister-in-law's apple tree and haul them off on the cargo bikes.  It will involve some low gear pulling up Furnace Mountain.  I'm certain we can pull it off.  I'm a sucker for my wife's apple butter.  I'd ride my bike through a cinder block wall if it meant I'd get some apple butter out of it.  
Now, you might say my cargo-biking adventure is a bit contrived and smacks of rampant hipsterism.  I mean, couldn't someone just pick them and bring them to us when they came to town?  Couldn't we just drive the five miles and get the darn apples?
Yes.  And yes.  But while I'd still get apple butter out of the deal there would be no blog butter.  I need a story and photo ops.  Plus,  we're definitely trying to reclaim the car-lite bike-heavy lifestyle we'd grown used to in Colorado.
Speaking of...sounds like my old commute routes might be obliterated by all the heavy rain they've been getting.  Sounds rough.  Sounds like climate change is speaking up.  A friend in Lakewood said if they'd gotten all that rain of late as snow they'd have ten feet of it.  But instead they got a year's precipitation in three days during the wrong season.  It SHOULD have fallen as snow in a couple of months. Instead it's all gone and next spring will be dry again.
Colorado (and the mountain West) is the crucible where the drama of climate change is going to play out.  At least the first act...
Anyway, having a working Cannonball has got my gears turning.  Car-lite lifestyle, bike touring, pretentious unnecessary hauling...it's all good!

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