Tuesday, September 3

Same Bike Blog, Drastically New Look

Yep, I changed it all.

The previous layout was just too dark.  It suited my mood for awhile.  It doesn't work for me now.

I was going to roll out the changes when I published my last post, but I had to do that from my phone and couldn't make the layout changes.  So...here you go.

I wish I had the budget (A budget) to get someone to actually design a website.  Alas.

But I want to assure you all that you should expect the same blourgnalistic (mishmash of "blog" and "journalistic") standards you've come to know and...well, I'm assuming love since you're reading this...hopefully not at gunpoint.

Like I mentioned before, I want to focus on positive energy.  I want to rediscover the cyclo-centric lifestyle in a new context, a new (old) universe.  We may not be car-lite just yet, but I think we can get close again to the lifestyle we lived in Colorado.  Give us a little time.

For now I'm just going to let you bask in the glow of a white screen.  I hope your eyes can adjust quickly, as I'm also hoping that some big changes can start coming fast and furious.  I have these schemes you see...

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