Friday, October 11

Fun...But Useful

In advance—just wanted to apologize for…er, to you right –brained type people out there.  Due to the events that I am about to chronicle I delayed your blog-reading gratification til wa-ay late in the day. I knew I’d have something to write about it I waited until after my lunch time escapades.
I needed to go across town and pick up our packets for the Iron Horse.  I decided that was a perfect excuse for me to take the bike with me this morning (hidden away in the back seat or the car, NOT subjected to the indignity of being hauled on the trunk of it) and ride the newest section of Brighton.

The packet pickup was at Saul Good in Hamburg.  I rode over to Richmond Road, out to Hays, picked up the bike lanes there and rode over to Deer Haven and out to the eastern-most tip of the newest section of Brighton.  Then I turned and blazed west, a bullet toward the heart of the city, but was deflected by Man-O-War Boulevard.

I picked up the packets and then detoured slightly north to check out the Liberty Trail.  It’s nothing to write home about, but it is a fine trail that will hook up to a future phase of Brighton near Liberty Road.

I couldn’t help but think about seeing the Freedom Trail in downtown Lexington along this same rail corridor when I was a little kid.  Anyway…

I grabbed lunch nearby and then rode out Old Todds to Palumbo, crossed MOW again, and then followed Yorkshire to Squires and that got me somewhere in the neighborhood of the office once again.  All in all I rode about 15 miles and felt pretty darn good.  It was a great day to be outside.  I wish I’d just kept right on going…but alas!

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