Monday, October 28

Not THAT Cane Creek

I can still remember riding in the seat on the back of my mom’s bike.  We lived on Cane Creek of the Red River in the late 1970s.  We owned a farm and grew tobacco and soybeans.  My dad worked at the Lexington-Bluegrass Army Depot in Avon through the day and my mom stayed home with me.  Except when we went visiting.
Sometimes we walked; sometimes we rode mom’s bike.  My maternal grandparents and family lived on the South Fork of the Red River.  It was about 7 miles from our house to Mamaw and Papaw’s place on High Rock Road.  They moved from that house to a place in town in (I think) 1979.  But every once in a while I ride past that old farm house on my way to High Rock or to ride with Jeff and it brings back a flood of memories.
I don’t get over to Cane Creek very often, and even when I do I rarely go past our old farm.  The Right Fork of Cane Creek essentially dead ends, and there is little reason for me to ever go that direction.  This past weekend I did ride up Cane Creek; first scouting for a passage up through Punkin Hollow (real name) at the head of the Right Fork over into Menifee County and access to the head of Spaas Creek and Hatton Ridge.  Turns out the old dirt road goes through someone’s yard.  I wasn’t too keen on pushing that situation.
Then Jeff and I rode up Cane Creek Mountain which is the stout little climb at the head of Lower Cane Creek (the left fork) before turning and riding back to town.  
First off, the entire Cane Creek drainage is fraught with canines.  Fraught.  Like, there’s a ton of them.  None seemed especially vicious, but having a full-grown Great Pyrenees chasing after you on your bike (and keeping up!) is a little disconcerting.  
While the Right Fork and Punkin Holler don’t really go anywhere—especially for those of the Fredly persuasion—they are rather nice roads to ride on.  There’s some nice new pavement in the area and it is quiet and scenic farm land.  And right now with the fall colors as a backdrop it was an especially enjoyable ride.  
I did see a couple of real jackasses in the area though.  Be forewarned.


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