Monday, October 21

Short Hiatus?

I’m going to be in Frankfort the rest of the week at grant administration training so I probably won’t have much time to blog.  And since I’ve not been riding much I’m kind of running out of material.  October is going to be a low, low mileage month for me.

I just wanted to let you know now so there is no fear that I’ve succumbed to the injuries I received in a bike crash I dreamed I was in last night.  What was really strange about the dream was that I kept comparing my dream crash to my real life crash on the railroad tracks in Golden back in 2010.

I’ve really been itching to do a short overnight bike tour the last week or so.  The cooler weather always gets me fired up to go camping, and I love Fall in Kentucky.  Friday night I stayed up late, and before going to bed I looked out and saw the moon bathing everything in its nearly full glow.  I almost loaded up a sleeping bag and my shelter and took off down the road.

I was afraid my family would freak out if they woke up and I was just gone.  It would have been easy enough though; to pedal fifteen or twenty miles to the National Forest and throw up a tent and sleep out under the night sky.  Maybe if I were just a little more brave I could just throw the sleeping bag out on the ground under the stars.

 I got nothing else.  Here are some photos:



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