Tuesday, October 1

The Apocalypse: Can't Come Soon Enough...

I’ve been out doing extra long rain dances for the apocalypse [apparently its been working, see below].  Really, at this point, I think we just need to wipe the slate clean and start over.  Why, oh why, couldn’t the government shutdown have been the trigger?  Why?! 

WKYT posted on facebook on Monday a photo of a man pointing a gun at the camera with this caption:

SHARE this photo. A case of extreme road rage. Kentucky State Police are looking to question the man in this photo in reference to a road rage incident. The man behind the camera says he was on I-75 around exit 97 when he witnessed this man driving recklessly, he says the man then fired a shot at him.

Of course the best part of this story are the comments posted on facebook and on WKYT’s website at the main story.

 I won’t go into intricate detail or analysis but here is one of my favorite fb comments:

Ed Greeneafter watching the video, all i see is the guy taking the video doing the reckless driving and rolling up pretty quickly on the guy in the black car…. It may very well of been the driver in the black car feeling threatened by the other person rolling up on him like he did… I didn’t see or hear a shot… All he really should of done was maybe get close enough for a plate # and call it in…

I’d say the best response to “feeling threatened” is to pull out a gun and shoot at someone.  That’s a good way to assert your dominance on the roadways.  Who cares what kind of collateral damage occurs?  As long as I’m somewhere ahead of these two jerks on the road I guess I don’t care…?

Another commenter insisted that we not use the Lincoln driver’s actions to take away his second amendment rights.  Y’know, cuz I’ve been sitting around all day just looking for an excuse…

A lot of the online comments have gravitated to the pro-gun/anti-gun diatribe that is common in our dysfunctional political discourse these days.  This isn’t really an issue of legal/illegal gun ownership, but the fact that people think an escalated level of violence is justified when they feel as if they’ve been slighted while driving.  Without knowing the details of this story (some have put forth that this is probably a hoax) I think I can safely speculate that someone feels as if his “freedoms” have been infringed upon.

Cause nothing says “freedom” like pointing a gun out the window of a moving car on a busy highway.  If the man had shot the filmmaker or the filmmaker had decided to go all Dirty Harry himself there’s a good chance a lot of other people would have been injured by the two motorons represented in this clip.  You can see cars spread out behind the two ragers as the cameraman pans past the sideview mirror.
Meanwhile, the Pavement’s Edge crack A/V forensics team is trying to identify the BSO lashed to the back of the perp’s Lincoln.  I think that will tell us a lot about the character of the gunman.  Well, he’s a “cyclist” so he must be mentally unstable, right?

So bring it Mad Max.  I'm ready.

UPDATE:  An arrest and social conviction has been made.

"Kollar [cameraman] said just a few minutes after getting on I-75 northbound at Exit 90 around 2:15 p.m., he witnessed a car pass another vehicle in the emergency lane. The car then seemed to spar with the other vehicle in what appeared to be an attempt to run it off the road, he said."

I think I'd try to get video of someone doing that too.


Here is proof that the apocalypse is upon us...roving gangs on motorcycles attacking people in cars (you have to watch to the end, or at least skip to the last few seconds):


 Seems a lot like this:
Or if you prefer monochrome violence:

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