Monday, November 18

Agenda of Chaos

It was a busy weekend.  I didn’t ride at all.  Well, I rode around the yard a little bit.
Friday evening we went to an 8th birthday party for my nephew.  Lots of energetic kids there.  Saturday morning I did a 3.5 mile trail run at sunrise.  Then Bean had a ball game at 10am.  More youthful exuberance.  After that we had a youth group get together to make food baskets for the holidays.  I was glad to see the kids so excited to be involved.  Saturday evening I took my two kids to Meadowgreen Park to see some fine Bluegrass music.  By Sunday morning my system was ready to shut down from overstimulation.  In the afternoon I took Boone to see the new Ender’s Game movie.  Don’t get me started on movie adaptations to my favorite books…blagh!
A good long bike ride would have been some welcome therapy at some point, but I just never managed to squeeze it in.  Sometimes that’s the way of it I guess.
During the cacophony of stimuli that bombarded me all weekend I had a few good conversations about local bike-ped development and more.  It seems like there are more and more people interested in the things I am that I have always believed to be proprietary.   I honestly don’t mind to share—or even turn over—my vision for the community.  I just want to see things move from status quo to as good as it can be.  There is potential in my small town.  It just needs to be nudged toward realization.
I'm ready to begin my War on Christmas music
I read the most recent post from the Surly blog this morning and it fired up a few synapses.  Gern Blanston (aka Tyler Stilwill) writes in I Am Soft:
How does my softness negatively affect your hardness?  Who cares?  I’m going to ride when I’m going to ride regardless. And I’m going to get off and push when I’m going to get off and push regardless.  That’s how it is for me.  I love to be on a bike, and I’m okay with my shortcomings in that arena.  Fat dudes who aren’t, don’t ride.  Really anyone who isn’t okay with his or her own ‘softness’ when it comes to riding generally doesn’t ride.
I like that.  I like it because I think we really do have to be okay with our own shortcomings and not constantly rating our own worth against the ideal.  I’m not a Fred or a Mountain Fred and never will be.  I can’t hang with the pros and honestly, unless I just had some crazy innate talent for speed I don’t think I’d ever want to do what was necessary to be able to.  I like to go fast, but fast is relative and I can enjoy my own top speed even if it’s not so fast for you.
They have lard:

So what if I don’t look so good in skin tight lycra?  Sometimes even skinny people are grotesque in skinny clothes.  Life is complexly disheartening enough without letting the insecurities of others dictate my self-worth.  
“Ride for your own reasons.”  
Words of wisdom.

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