Friday, November 1

Another Day, Another Week, Another Monthly Mileage Post

October 2013.

115.97 miles on the bike.

That brings my 2013 overall mileage to 2,244 and my monthly average (easily calculated because October is the 10th month) to 224.4 miles per month.

In my wretched defense I was training for the Iron Horse Half Marathon the first two weeks of the month and by "training" I mean "doing very little physical activity at all."

Since then we've changed our weather settings to "Fall" and have been getting rain and the earth has been turning slowly to mud.  Also, I've been taking up good afternoon cycling time by working on the backyard/woods trail.

I'm hoping November 2013 breaks the historic trend of being a low mileage month.  

My year end projection (HA!) is 2,692.8 for 2013.  That's better than my 2010 total but still far less than my 2011 and 2012 mileages.  If I could manage 378 miles each in November and December I could break 3,000 for the year.  That's 756 miles before December 31st.  My biggest mileage month so far in 2013 has only been 370 miles back in July.

We'll see.

...I think

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