Friday, November 8

Autumn Days

Sublime sublimnity!  I. Love. Fall.

More particularly, I love Fall in Kentucky.  That’s not to say Western Autumns weren’t incredible in their own right, but they never seemed to inspire me like a good Eastern Fall.  Aspens are amazing to be certain but they just don’t run the spectrumnal gambit.

The backyard/woods trail has been coming along.  I haven’t worked on it in a day or so, but over the weekend I made progress to the tune of a couple hundred more feet.  Just being in the woods during this time of year was worth it.  I’m somewhat bummed that deer (gun) season coincides with the optimal outdoor timeframe.  It’s not that I mind people hunting, it’s just that while gun season is going on no one can really feel safe in the woods.  That’s unfortunate.

Anyway, as soon as gun season is over I’ll be back working on the trail.  Until then enjoy some landscapes:




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