Wednesday, November 20

Five O'Clock Dark

Hate.  Hate.  Hate.

Daylight slayings time is for the birds.  And I’ talking about those Alfred Hitchcock demon birds.  Go away daylight savings time and come again no other day!!!
Fat.  I’m getting fat.  I’m back up to being a Sub-Clyde Plus.  I weighed 199-point-something when I weighed myself this morning.  Too many choco pies, Magee’s donuts (no thanks to whichever coworker brought in the whole box that no one else wanted to eat!), and random pizza parties.

The food wouldn’t really be as much of a problem if there was still plenty of daylight when I get home from work in the evenings.  I could run up in the woods and swing a mattocks.  I could get on my bike and climb some hills.  I could run around in circles on the road until I puked.

But no, when I get home now the sun is low in the sky at the optimal “blind all drivers” position and by the time I get changed and run out to throw myself into diabolically dangerous traffic it’s too dark to see anything anyway.

That this transition period occurs just as gun season gets going and the air turns all frosty just adds insult to injury.

It’s almost easier to resolve myself to being fat than to expend so much energy weeping for my lost ambition.  As it is I’m only riding high on sugar and the euphoria from completing the rough draft of said book.  Once I have to dig back in to rewriting I may start feeling the oppressive suffocation of five o’clock dark.

Night riding may be my best answer.  Right now I see no other options (haha, love my own puns!).  Of course since Kentucky is the Muddy Trail State it’s difficult even to pull that off.  But I have a scheme, a plan, a diabolical plot to overthrow the world while it lazes in the armchair watching the six o’clock news and drools down its flabby mid-section.

Let’s see, night riding opportunities in my locale…?

None.  Nope, hardly any.  Well, maybe Jeffrey will let me come tear up his backyard trail until I manage to finish my own.

I hate five o’clock dark.  But I might grow to love it as this night riding thing takes hold in my mind.  

Last night I had just shy of an hour to kill.  Mandy took the Bean off to tumble and cavort at gymnastics and I was meeting her at the library with the Boy a little while later and then going to the local writers' group meeting.  So I decided to take a little walk in the woods as the sun scampered from the sky.

I didn't take the mattocks along.  I didn't change from my good clothes into scruff to do trail work.  I just walked toward the woods. 

It was the first time I'd been in the woods since the overstory shed all its foliage.  I forget how different the forest looks with its winter coat.  You can see so much farther when the undergrowth is bare and so much (even fading) sunlight bathes the forest floor.

I walked a new trail alignment.  Yeah, I scouted another loop in my potential system.  It's going to be really cool.  But it's going to take a lot of work and time to get it into shape.  And I haven't finished my first loop yet.  Got to get back and start swinging the trail tools now that people aren't shooting at anything that moves.

I can do trail work by headlamp too, I think.


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  1. Our real problem up here is that the temp is inversely related to the light. When the sun goes down you go from a balmy 40 to 20 in what feels like minutes. The trainer has been wheeled out in my house......