Thursday, November 14

The Leadville Saga: Still Finishing

I know I said no more, but this is a special occasion.

This morning I finished the extremely rough draft of my book.  I used NaNoWriMo to keep me on track, but the reality is I've abandoned that process now that I'm finished with the initial chunk of writing.  I realize I still have a long way to go before this is a real book, but I've overcome the first major obstacle.  I've overcome my literary St. Kevin's.

The rough draft is about 48,000 words, and I already see holes I need to fill.  That's okay.  I'm ready to hand my baby off to others to mold and shape a little bit.  I'm in desperate need of critical input so I can keep this thing on a positive track.

Mandy asked how it felt last have "finished" the book...I replied that it almost feels better than crossing the finish line in Leadville a few months ago.  Almost.

And then I added that if we get that far--and I'm fairly certain we will--that once I hold a solid copy of my own printed book in my hand I think it'll feel far more incredible than crossing any finish line.  And in reality completing the book is only a continuation of the long journey that has already crossed a few finish lines.

While the pipe dream is that I'll sell this book and end up on the Times Best Seller List I am content with an eventuality that only leads to a printed book.  It's not about fame and fortune as much as it's about fulfilling a need to tell a story. 

My wordpress site will continue to automatically post daily the bits of the book as I wrote them out.  if you're a regular reader of the blog you'll recognize a lot of the material, but I promise there is also a good bit of new stuff too.  On November 24 the entire story will be out there for you to read in it's most raw form.

On December 1 I will take down the wordpress site.  This is, after all, a work in progress, and I would like the chance to profit from my labors.  So I encourage you to read it all if you want before the end of the month.

Beginning henceforth I'll be working in the background on rewriting.  I'm not going to beat you, Dear Readers, over the head with this writing project, but I'll probably let you know when I'm getting closer to a real finish line.

If you do take the time to read the wordpress page and are so inclined I would love some constructive criticism at whatever level you feel comfortable with.  This is my first rodeo so I need all the help I can get.

Thank you, in advance...


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