Thursday, November 28

War on Thanksgiving

Oh no, I really can’t let it go.  I’m too disgusted to just let it go.  And I’m not disgusted because I’ve eaten too much.  Well…let’s just not go there.

First off, David Simon, the CEO of Simon Property Group Inc., last year was awarded a $120 million bonus (first off, who in the world needs $120 million?!) and yet has stated he is most concerned with “cash flow growth” and Smith Malls has decreed that “in order to best serve our customers” (but not employee customers) “the mall will be opening at 8PM on Thanksgiving evening.”
Words fail me.  What’s even more insidious is the large number of Big Retailers opening up earlier than that on Thanksgiving Day.  Oh, the Corporatists and their apologists assure us that everything is okay because all of those retail employees are getting holiday pay, but I’ve been there and truth be told even when I desperately needed the money I would rather have had the time off; or at least had the option of spending the holiday with my family.  And it’s not like they’re giving them piles of loot in compensation for their dignity and the respect they deserve as human beings.  Entities like Walmart are notorious for their social injustice policies.  Being employed in retail in America these days is akin to living in indentured servitude. 
Let’s face it, as Americans our cultural religion is consumption.  If we’re not buying we’re dying.  And even those with supposedly strong spiritual convictions fall victim to a slick marketing campaign.  It’s sickening.  It’s maddening.
I don’t have the mental energy to delve any deeper into this issue.  It’s wrong in so many ways.  It’s a sure sign that the post-carbon-apocalypse is looming still.
I do want to point out one last thing; well, two.  I looked up “Black Thursday” on Wikipedia and this is what I found:

One of these things is not like the others.  One is sort of considered a holiday by the less enlightened among us.  A holiday no less.  Wait, didn’t there used to be a different holiday on that day?  I think there was…it was…what did we call it?  Oh yeah! Thanksgiving.  A day to be grateful not greedy.
Bonus image for the day:




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