Saturday, December 14

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,


I've been a very good boy this year.  I've not gone off in a road rage on anyone in
over 12 months.  I finished the Leadville
100 without giving up.  Well, I guess
there's a lot I could go into about what I did and didn't do good Santa, but why
muck about over spilt milk?



What I'm really writing about is the, presents,
that you might be bringing to a very good boy this year.

First, please bring my cousin a muffler.  I put this at the top of the list because
it's really a gift for us all and it will provide the best cost-benefit ratio.

Next I'd like to request some monkey bars for Bean.  Maybe our furniture would last a little
longer if she had somewhere of her own to climb and swing.  She really does love climbing and tumbling.

[ADDENDUM: Beanie also needs some new front teeth...if you could help a girl out!]

For Boone I want to ask for a full scale model of an
AT-AT.  Maybe if you just bring him one
he'll stop bugging me to build him one. 
Oh, and please don't put real lasers in it.  Thanks!



For Mandy, well, this one's kinda big, but I know you'll
agree...she deserves her dream house.  I
don't know if I'll ever be able to give it to her myself, but I know Santa that
you have a magic toy sack.  Please,
because she has been such a good girl this year.

For me I just want one thing.  No, I've decided I don't want a Krampus, and
I wouldn't want to offend you by even asking for one.  No, I just want a Surly ECR. 

I guess that's about it.

Please return the attached form with your milk and cookie
request choices.  I recommend the
chocolate chip.  Mandy really makes a
mean cookie.  But if you choose the
spritz cookies I'm okay with that too. 
More chocolate chip for me.  And
your usual Ale-8 instead of milk?  I'll
put you down for one; returnable bottle of course.





PS, if you and your elves would support my Kickstarter
project that would be great.  Just click
the link to the right.



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