Tuesday, December 10

Mild Ache

SOAR update will come.  It was an interesting summit in Pikeville yesteday.  I'll give you the smallest tidbit to tide you over.  I went to the Infrastructure breakout session and one of the topics that was thrown out was "Public Transportation" and it was explained as more pedestrian facilities, transit, and more mode choices.  And no, it wasn't my idea.
So when we broke into smaller groups to discuss the eight topics we'd come up with I was the only one who went to that group.  Even the guy who threw it out wasn't interested enough to follow through on it.  I did pipe up and say that as a state we need to put a lot more emphasis on pedestrian infrastructure.  Ba-dum-dum.
Transportation didn't get the kind of attention I thought it should, but I didn't try and derail the discussions that went on about "four-laning" the Mountain Parkway from Campton to Prestonsburg.  Speaking of the Mountain Parkway...check out Sundy Best's song "Mountain Parkway" on YouTube. I live near MM 22.  Maybe later in the week I'll give it a really good write up.
Driving into Eastern Kentucky again only a month after KBBC just made me want to get on the bike and tour.  It was rainy and cold, but it really was my kind of weather.  I would have loved to have toured to SOAR.
I rode to Heff's the other day to deliver their KCC jersies.  It was a cold ride but good.  Unfortunately it had rained so much the night before a spin on the Mozhican Bike Trails was out.
I'm ramblin' now!
Snow is flyin' and sticking to the pavement here in Lexville.  It feels hard like winter.  It's nice to be wrapped around a cup of coffee and watching the snow whirl and spindrift out my window.  I wish it were my window at home; but alas! 'tis not.

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