Friday, December 27

Prelude to the Return of Ramming Speed Friday?

I tweetered this stream earlier with the hashtag #pavementsedgeblog :
I beat the rising sun to Winchester.
I beat the rising sun to Fayette County.
I almost beat the rising sun to Lexington.
To quote Wendell: “I’m passing near to the sleep of things. Those houses are full or warmth and life while I pass through a world cold, dark, and dead.
My goatee is freezing.
It occurred to me that I might be too wrecked to ride back home.  
Who can I bribe to take me to Chipotle for lunch?!
"Hope you warm up."  
"Me t-t-too."
My scicles have popped.
Why do I subject myself to the cold, the pain, and the exhaustion of this?
Oh yeah, that’s why.
My desk has turned into an all-you-can-try-to-eat buffet.  Oatmeal, cinnamon roll, Coke, cell phone (no, that’s not really edible), breath mints, gimme, gimme more!
I might have been on the verge of death.  Blocks of ice for hands and feet, eyes clouded over, uncontrollable shivering, slavering desire to post my ride to Strava.
Better change lanes to pass, crazy might rub off.
Water bottle and snack bars frozen.  Computer frozen.  Me frozen.  Half & half in coffee gone bad.
See, those bags have changed everything
I decided since there has been a lull in traffic due to the holiday week this morning was going to be my best chance to do the 44 mile commute from my house to work.  The office is quiet.  It’s Friday between Christmas and New Year’s.  What better time than this?  Well, maybe a morning when the temperature is above freezing.  
And that darn Scott at the bike shop talked me into joining the Rapha Festive 500.  If you ride 500km between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve you complete the challenge and get a woven patch.  Also, 500 km was about the exact amount I needed yesterday when he told me about it to get me to 3,000 miles for the year.
I started out behind so I needed to do something drastic to catch up.  I figured 90 miles today and maybe 90 miles on Monday and then I only need 130 more miles besides those two commutes over the course of the next four days to win big.
I am so stupid.

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