Friday, December 20

The Baggage That Comes With Owning Cargo Bikes

I'm going to make this a shot straight to the heart of the matter.  Mandy and I each have cargo bikes—she a Kona Ute and me an Xtracycle built on a '94 Cannondale M300 MTB—and after almost three years we've hauled a lot of stuff on them.  Sometimes I also used a trailer and I've indicated those items which were hauled thusly.  What follows is a simple inventory which I hope to add to indefinitely.  This list is not chronological or detailed:

1) Charcoal grill

2) Wheelbarrow (on trailer)

3) Tomato cages

4) Tomato plants

5) Pepper plants

6) 40lb bag of potting soil

7) Bale of hay (trailer)

8) Kids (geocachers, hikers, swimmers, playground goers, cry-ers)

9) Booster seat

10) Cardboard boxes for moving

11) Other bikes

12) Groceries

13) Watermelon

14) Climbing gear

15) Crashpad

16) 40lb bag of chicken feed

17) Camping gear for four (trailer and panniers)

18) Chinese takeout

19) Oil change materials

20) Car parts

21) Moved out of office cubicle

22) Garden tools

23) Wood for campfire

24) Chicken wire

25) 2x4s and 1x12s (trailer)

26) Library books

27) Bike wheels

28) Baby in car seat

29) Recycling bin

30) Produce from farmers market

31) Packages to be mailed

32) Bike repair stand and tools

33) Toys

34) Peat moss

35) Baby dolls

36) Carton of root beer

37) Sleepover gear

38) Blueberry plants

39) Sleeping child

40) Christmas gifts


Updated 12/20/13


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  1. It IS fun to look back and see what you found you could do with a cargo bike!

    I don't have children in my life, so I didn't have any related stuff in my list. I'll have to post my list some time soon (although I may not, just to not be trying to one-up anyone).