Thursday, January 2

Miles Behind and Miles Ahead: New Year's Post

No more numbers.  I’ve resolved to stop keeping up with my monthly mileage.  I’ll be tracking my miles only because I am compelled to do so, but I’m not going to give a monthly update and comparison like I have for the past few years.  What I want to do with this post is sum up the past six years and share what I’ve learned in my evolution from a casual cyclist to a dedicated daily commuter and on to whatever kind of cyclist I am now.

My total mileage from 2008 through 2013 was 19,418.  My lowest mileage month: December 2008 with 35 miles; and my highest mileage month was August 2012 with 617 miles.
The lowest mileage year was not surprisingly 2008 with 1,717 miles while my highest mileage year was 2012 (equally predictable) with 5,397 miles (I round up in conversation and just say “5,400”).
Here is a list of the yearly mileage:
2008 - 1,717
2009 - 2,012
2010 - 2,480
2011 - 5,100
2012 - 5,397
2013 - 2,712
I averaged 3,236 miles a year in that timeframe.  My overall monthly average was 270 miles.  The overall weekly average: 62 miles per week.  And the approximate average over a six year span was 8.9 miles per day.
My time in Colorado was good.  The time there for my family was good.  Our clan culture now has deep roots in cycling that won’t quickly wither and die.  We had so many good experiences while riding and because of riding.  We met a lot of good people.  And a lot of good people we knew became involved in our passion for bikes.
Now it’s time to move on.  It’s time to take things to the next level.  My recent commuting experiment was a rousing success.  It gave me a good gauge for future cycling exploits between my home and my place of employ.  I am certain we’re on the verge of an explosion of mountain biking activity and perhaps even a renaissance of sorts for mountain biking in the Bluegrass State.  I absolutely can’t wait to tell you some of the exciting things that are cooking behind the scenes.
Yesterday Mandy, Jeff and I made the moderately long drive down to Laurel Lake near London to participate in the annual get together there.  It was brisk but clear, and we had a nice day riding along the lake.  Jeff got lost somewhere in Cane Creek but came out glistening with frozen mud.
As he was exchanging contact info with a guy from Winchester the laughter began.
“What’s your first name?”  the other guy asked. 
“Jeff,”  Mozhican replied.
“I can just find you on Strava, right?” the guy countered.
Mandy and I fell apart.
“He lo-oooves Strava!” I offered through the tears of mirth while trying to hold my holiday flab in place against the wracking laughter.
The long drive back to Jeff’s compound deep within the Powell County wilds was a hilarious commute after a good ride.  It was a good way to ring in the New Year.

Going for the KOM on the Dam Parking Lot Segment


  1. What's all that brown stuff on the ground? It's supposed to be white......I mean we are encased in ice right now. No outdoor riding in the near future here. Even with a Fat Bike it would be truly dangerous.

    1. We're turning to ice at this very moment.

    2. Enjoy, I got a home luge track out of our ice storm.