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Hauled on a Cargo Bike #41:  Chainsaws

I've been considering this for a while.  I have an Xtracycle built on an old mountain bike donor.  Recently I replaced the worn commuter/touring tires for knobbies.  It follows that the Cannonball is now an off-road bike.  With its carry capacity it also follows that it would make a good trail building/maintaining bike.  My bike can haul tools.

Over the past year I've seen quite a few bikeable places that would benefit from the indiscriminate wielding of a chainsaw.  Or is it discriminate?  Either way.  Until yesterday I had not put a chainsaw in my FreeLoaders.  But yesterday I put not one, but TWO chainsaws on my bike and took them up to Papaw Chainring.  I've semi-inherited three chainsaws from my dad, and the smaller of the two I took up to my grampa is for him to use.  I took the other one for him to get sharpened when he takes his to the saw guy for repairs.

When I get it back I'll be ready for some serious trail work.  Large deadfalls will be no match for me and the Cannonball.  It won't be a question of can I bunny hop over obstacles, but can I saw them into small pieces and just ride over them like a bulldozer over an environmentalist.

Ha ha.  I so funny.

It only took me a month to go back and post it

Hauled on a Cargo Bike #42:  Whole Bean

I’ve been riding the Cannonball mostly.  I haven’t ridden much, but since the roads have been cruddy I’ve went astride the Xtracycle because it has the wide tires and fenders, plus the big bonus of being able to take coffee along on long rides makes the bike choice easy.  There’s nothing like pulling over during a cold ride and whetting your whistle with some gourmet coffee sipped from your Klean Kanteen.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my KK? 

Okay, so owning 16 oz. and 20 oz. insulated Klean Kanteens deepened my caffeine addiction.  I’ll freely admit that.  Since Christmas I’ve been brewing 36 oz. of coffee each morning and then heading out the door with a KK of joe under each arm.  You just can’t carry that much coffee in jersey pockets.  So when I’ve gone out riding my bicycle I’ve chosen the X because I need it to portage my habit.

So what if I’ve been averaging 5 hours of broken sleep a night since before the first of the year?  Me and Tyler Durden got this plan, you see?

Hauled by Cargo Bike #43:  Manuscripted
Wednesday I was home a little early due to a late meeting (it’s complicated), the weather was fan freakin’-tastic, and my wife insisted I go for a bike ride.  I’d promised Joe some printed materials, and he’d been interested in reading the draft of my Leadville book, so I decided I’d ride up to Bowen Farm and drop it all off.  Again, it’s difficult to transport printed materials in jersey pockets.  And while I would have love to have gone blazing across the county on the sporty-sport bike I opted for a t-shirt, jeans, and the cargo bike.

Of course Joe was out running the roads and not at home when I rolled up to his porch.  So I left my ream of papers under a rock on a bench by his door and turned the longtail bike back toward the main road.

I decided that instead of returning via the rush hour busy main road that I’d jog over to North Fork and head back toward town that way.  It was a nice reprieve from the Tour de Rat I’m used to at that time of day and it was an enjoyable ride all around. 

Spring is trying to climb into the moving train car that is 2014.  Winter keeps kicking her in the face, wanting to keep it all to himself, but inevitably time will move on.  My goal for the Mohican is to get in base miles on the road, and then hopefully get on trails hot and heavy in May.  Of course you know May could be rainy and muddy.  Trails could be sticky soup.  My plan may blow up in my face.  But it’s all I got.  And if I can’t get on the trail I’ll just go harder on the road.
Anyway, that’s all the news that fit to be published on this crumbling retaining wall of the internet.   
Will update with photos this evening weeks later.

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