Wednesday, February 5

Moving Targets

Here is where I begin deviating from the original intent of the blog.  Stop laughing.  I know I’ve hardly kept on track lo, these past five plus years.  But I think I’m almost back to the state of mind I was in when I created my first long-lasting blog “Ascentionist.”

I didn’t quite abandon that blog, but it’s lain dormant for long periods of time while I gargled all around cycling and transportation related topics (I know it’s a stretch) here on the Pavement’s Edge.  The original blog there was more of a place to write about my outdoor adventures and general observations on life.  It was just an online journal more than anything.  And when I started writing more and more about cycling I decided I just needed to have my own cycling blog and voila!  From the Pavement’s Edge was born!
I didn’t kill Ascentionist like I have other blogs.  I do occasionally post the random sci-fi book or movie review there.  But I can’t bring myself to pull the plug or to go back to posting there regularly.  I need to commit to one course of action or the other.  I have a bigger following here at FPE.  My writing isn’t primarily about cycling anymore though.  I find myself writing about my home county, about natural sandstone arches, about rock climbing, and about cycling.  After watching Inside Llewyn Davis I want to write about folk music and Coen Brothers movies.
Sometimes I want to go on a rant about ADHD and SPD (blame it on my A.D.D. baby) but feel it odd to do that here.  In some ways I’ve tried to stick to a broad and loose grouping of categories that could fall under the shredded umbrella of Peak Oil, Sustainability (including the three stool legs of Social Justice, Environmental Sustainability, and Economic Vitality), and occasionally just throwing all propriety to the wind and only pointing tokenly toward bikes and then writing about whatever I wanted to write about at the time (like now).
Ultimately this is all about semantics.  I AM NOT anti-semantic, just good at twisting words.

My fat butt on Kim 5.6, Vedauwoo, WY
I call the blog “From the Pavement’s Edge.”  I call my other blog “Ascentionist: Any Adventure is Possible.”  Where do we go from here?  I think I throw all caution to the wind and just commit to this guy here that you’re reading on a screen in a cubicle, holding on your hand via smartphone, or perhaps reading on the fabric of your brain as an archive in a few years once implants get traction with the general public.  I’m going to indefinitely shutter my Ascentionist blog with a link pointing to this blog, and I’m going to relax my blogging standards on the Pavement’s Edge.  Please, please don’t run away.  I mean it in the best possible way!
So herein is the mission of this blog going forward:
To chronicle my everyday adventures, to be a virtual lectern for my viewpoints, and to maybe grow into a forum for sensible change in my community and the world.
Usually mission statements don’t use the word “maybe,” but I don’t want to try and force the issue.  Comment if you so choose.  I won’t call you out.
The other thing I’ve wrestled with—and only because I’m afraid of losing potential readers—is whether or not to switch over from Blogger to Wordpress.  I really, really like the WP look better.  Some functionality is more attuned with what I’d like to be able to do.  But again, I fear the lost traffic.  I’ve already skipped from Ascentionist to the first iteration of this blog called “Jersey Guys” and then to the place where you are now.  Moving again?  Yeah, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.
I’ve pretty much just talked myself into staying right where I’m at and focusing my energy here.  Hope I didn’t have you worried there. 
The real crisis is that I haven’t been riding enough to have good daily material for blogging.  That’s the real conundrum.  Maybe this is just a case of the Wintertime Blues.  Maybe I just need to get back out there and start riding again.  Oh!  Ohohohohoh!  Just remembered…
The One is no longer the One.  Forthwith we’ll be calling the X-One because it’s kind of turned into an experimental testbed.  Dave suggested I let him put a single chainring on it so now I have a 1x9 setup to run until I either decide to go back to 3x9 before the Mohican or stick with the frighteningly committing setup that drops significant weight from the bike.  If I could only drop significant weight from myself…
I’m thinking 1x9 will make me stronger than I ever have been before.  I might turn green and bust out of my clothes from the sheer angry rage that I have to force into my legs to get them to turn that gear ratio up Hart’s Orchard (when it dries of course).
Of course I am working on part 2 of my Misunderstood Wilderness thread and will hopefully post it this week.

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  1. Love the mission statement and love the variety! This is after from the pavement's edge so wherever it takes you past that is fair game, I figure. Keep it up!