Friday, February 14

Weekend Update

In other Powell County News:  Mandy Chainring rode her bike a third day during the waning days of the Winterpocalypse of 2014.  It’s getting kind of crazy folks, how hard core she is compared to her flab-tastic husband, and it looks like there’s no turning back.

There have been recent “guy-on-a-bike” sightings, but one was actually pretty far from the drive-thru tobacco emporium or the post office.  Actually, both recent sightings were far from civilization.  Tom and I passed a guy out near Rosslyn the other day on our ride.  Hoodie, ripped up jeans, no gloves and riding a single speed cruiser bike toward town.

“Well, he’s been somewhere?”  Tom muttered.

“To a crime scene,” I added.

A day or so before that I saw a young adult standing up on his pedals as he struggled to crank a BSO through the flat straightaway in front of my house.  He had maybe 5 psi in each tire, and it warn’t no fatbike.

Last night there was a public meeting concerning KY 213 from Stanton north to the Montgomery County line.  There was a lot of good discussion on what was an acceptable level of bike-ped oppression to include within the project.  While I don’t feel I have conquered The Man, I do feel that there were open minds listening to what was being said.  Unfortunately some of what we said to them might have been gobble-de-gook.  But that’s okay, I’m going to write a letter on organizational letterhead which will address the issues and define terms.

Sorry today’s post has come so late.  I’m playing catch up after staying home with the kids yesterday.  It was another Non-snow day.  I need to go on a rant about that but the blockage in my carotid artery is making it difficult to think.  I may only be partly joking.  I have a distinct pain in my neck that is causing a headache.  Perhaps I pulled a neck muscle.  Perhaps all those cheeseburgers have caught up with me.  Dangit!  And I thought I was metabolizing and burning all that fat!

Anyway, perhaps tomorrow I’ll begin rambling again at my normal pace.  Wait, tomorrow’s Saturday.  Hurrah!  No typing to the grind until Monday!

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