Wednesday, February 12

Winter of 2014 Bike Commuter of the Season Award

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Mandy Chainring!

You win a bike!  Once it thaws you can claim your award.

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My wife rode her bike three miles (one way) to work yesterday morning in 10°F temps!  She’s already beat my February commuting mileage…and on one of the coldest days of the year!
Also, today is her birthday, and even though she doesn’t want to be reminded it’s notable to note that she is not as old as me.  Won an award AND had a birthday.  Can’t beat that.
The Crash Test Librarian pointed out he commuted by bike to work yesterday as well, but his ROUND TRIP commute is a mere 6,019.2 feet.  I mean…my crack research team can hardly calculate his commute in miles!
[Don’t worry Mark, you came in a close second]
Anyway, I was startled when I received a digital image via textular communication which showed my wife aged drastically, well beyond her years, but then when I looked closer I saw her hair had not turned white.  It had, in fact, frosted over along with her eyelashes!  Sha-ZAAM!  My wife is a rock star!
Bow to her greatness.  Bow.  Now.  Do it.  She earned it.
As I drove to work in my toasty warm car I couldn’t help think about how cold I used to get riding back and forth to work in Colorado.  Then I remembered I had the better gloves in the car with me.  I carefully pulled over and composed a text with instructions to the secret hiding place of my primo winter gloves and fired it back over my shoulder toward home.  But even as I beamed those electrons in her direction I knew she’d figure it out and do just fine.  My wife, as I mentioned only two paragraphs ago, is a rock star!  She made it to work and returned home a few hours later without popping a single scicle.
And she is out now, as I fling this accolade out into the electronic cloud that envelops us all, riding her bike on errands.  It’s slightly warmer today...but still winter.
I won’t go into the details of why she’s riding her bike instead of driving in this weather.  But I will make one point: sometimes your car drives you to ride.  Sometimes the universe reminds us that we don’t need our cars to survive.  I’m proud of my wife for being willing to choose her bike when it makes more sense.  There have been many times when she was the strong one and I wanted to drive.
She and I are in the middle of a super-secret training program to get fit for our cycling and climbing schemes this year.  Shhh!  Mark!  Don’t tell!

I'm stoked that we're doing it together.  I so often try to go at things alone, but I've found out the hard way that working with others makes it so much easier.  And she is my best friend and companion and it makes sense that we'd tackle a serious fitness effort together.
Anyway, it’s looking like this year is going to be a good one.

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