Friday, March 7

Froback Friday: Earlier This Week


Been crazy on the Pavement's Edge.  Work, family, social, global...all nuts.  Some of it was mental health nuts and some just ridiculous intensity.  You can figure out which is which.

I did manage to XC ski in the woods behind my house on Monday.  It might have been my last hurrah for this winter, and if it was it was a good one: out at dusk in the woods with a decent covering of snow.  Kinda wish I'd had a fat bike even.




The conditions that were conducive to XC skiing made it treacherous for driving.  Beyond even normal levels.  You can read about my feelings on that subject from Monday. Suffice it to say I'm really looking forward to the death knell of Winterpocalypse 2014.

I'm not going to go into the insanity at work, but suffice it to say I spent four hours in meetings on Wednesday related to 1) scandal, 2) workplace wellness, 3) harassment training.

I also had to redo a study that stressed me almost to my breaking point because of the learning curve.  I didn't know what I was doing before, but kinda have my operating procedure down now, and I have better data now.  The resulting updated study is an order of magnitude better, so that makes me feel a lot better about it, but I recreated in two days what I agonized over for a couple of months while trying to initially reverse engineer it from a previous one that someone else did.

If that paragraph stressed you out then you've got an idea how I've felt over this thing.  But I'm glad and proud of the outcome.  Maybe in the future I'll work on efficiently cranking environmental justice studies out like it's my job or something.

Anyway, I've got a meeting downtown today, it's going to be in the 50s, and so I am going to ride my bike.  Take that, Winterpocalypse 2014!

All ready to go


I did NOT end up riding to the meeting downtown.  Due to numerous fires at the office (figurative, silly) I ended up not going to the meeting at all.  *sigh*

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