Thursday, March 27

The Winter that Would Not Accept Defeat

It’s Spring.  It was Spring on March 25th, and somebody didn’t copy Old Man Winter on the memo.  I’m actually kinda okay with that despite my recent grumblings to the contrary.  Because we were up most of the night with a sick child (being a parent you discover there are some things you just can’t un-see) I took a sick day on Tuesday to catch up on rest (fail) and was able to watch the battle between Winter and Spring go on all day long.  I also was able to sneak off to the the Red River Gorge and snap a few photos of the snowy landscape.

We woke up to snow.  I ran out around 11am with the camera and made it up to the Sky Bridge area before noon.  The sun hadn’t come out in full force and the temps were staying low enough to preserve the surprise snowfall.  I capture the images I wanted in pixel form and then headed home.

I had to dive through a deluge to enter the Red River Regional Bikeport as all the melting snow came off the roof all at once as water.  A few minutes later I glanced toward the kitchen window and saw a whiteout.  Not too long afterward the ground was ugly brown again.  And then another whiteout blew through and covered the ground in white for a third time.  By evening another round of freeze-thaw had cycled through, and I woke up this morning to a coating of snow on the ground.  It was truly a Battle of the Seasons.

If this weather event had happened a few weeks ago when it was consistently colder I think it might have amounted to significant accumulation.  Two of the worst snows I’ve seen in my adult life were both in March.  The first was over spring break in 1993 (Headlines read: WORST SNOWSTORM IN TEN YEARS) and the second was the Blizzard of 2009 in Denver.

Tuesday’s battle was pretty tame in comparison, but there was still more snow on the ground than that day in February when I had to take a vacation day because Powell County closed school for no apparent reason.

Alas, I didn’t ride a bike, and hardly hiked chasing after my images, but I did get a request for the use of one of my photos for a tourism brochure in a western state.  Maybe more to come on that soon. 

I’ve been itching to share, but one of my short stories will be published soon.  I can’t divulge too much, but will share details as soon as I can.

In the meantime enjoy the fruits of my sick day labor:

Lower Small Wall from Parch Corn Creek Overlook

Sky Bridge Ridge climbing area from Swift Creek Overlook

The break between Lower Small Wall and Middle Small Wall

Top of Sky Bridge

Hen's Nest Rock from Sky Bridge

Under Sky Bridge

Backyard scene

Lot of ornithological activity on a snow day 

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  1. It occurred to me that a funny title for this post could have been: "Spring is Still Winter's Bitch Here in Kentucky" but was afraid it wouldn't be safe for some family data plans.