Friday, March 21

Yer Ded Ta Meh

I love winter.  I always have.  There’s something deliciously apocalyptic about those insane snow days when everything’s shut down and the only thing to do is go out, play in the snow…in the woods or mountains, then come in and eat good hearty food, and hope it goes on forever.

The Winter of 2014 can die a miserable, lonely, horrific death for all I care.  I’ll slip the cold blade into its heart myself.  I’ll carve it up to make a garment out of its skin.  Die winter, DIE!  I can’t take anymore.  I want to bike up mountains.  I want to ply the trails, but I want to ply dry trails.  It’s never going to happen if we don’t get out of this freeze-thaw cycle and through our typically wet spring season.

I’m not one for wishing away our lives.  I believe in enjoying life and living every day, but for crying out loud!  Let’s get on with 2014 in a way that involves a lot of playing in the sun!

I’ve been itching to work on trails in my area.  I’ve got a lifetime’s worth of projects laying fallow as winter lingers.  I need to be cutting trail.  I need to be sculpting the future of mountain biking at home.

I also need to be tackling a growing TO DO list around my house.  Some might say I've neglected those schemes too long.  Meh.

I've been talking a lot of cycling, trail running, rock climbing, etc, but all I've really been doing is growing fat cells.  It's depressing. 

There is a growing bicycle-pedestrian awareness growing in my home state.  The Commonwealth is moving toward a more enlightened transportation system.  We’re gaining traction, and it’s heartening.

A major highway district is actively working on a regional bike-ped plan.  Most of our counties or cities are looking at creating bike-ped plans and building projects to improve the quality of life for their citizens.  My confederates/contemporaries in regional planning are moving toward some minor policy changes that would allow us to have a more active role in regional bike-ped planning and even (maybe) in local planning. 

On top of all of that…spring has sprung.  I’ve dusted off The One, and hopefully will be carving up some dirt (and not mud) on my lunch hour today.

And so, as a memorable winter dies…the sun is shining bright on my old Kentucky home.

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