Tuesday, September 1

Silently Does the Blog Shine

First, before I get down to blogging away like I am wont, I should probably explain what’s going on. 
I began blogging regularly when I moved from Kentucky to Colorado.  My blog quickly evolved to a cycling specific space and my daily cycling adventures drove the blog while the blog sometimes drove the daily cycling activities.
When we moved back from Colorado to rural Eastern Kentucky the tone of the blog didn’t translate like I had hoped.  For one thing, my family had gone from one car to two and I had gone from bike commuting 100 miles a week to car commuting 450 miles a week not counting travel for work.
I allowed myself to fall into this situation because I had become a regional transportation planner, and I thought I could make a difference.  If it took reverting back to a car-centric lifestyle I was willing to make the sacrifice.  But it has taken its toll on my writing and my cycling.  I have to search high and low for inspiration.  It’s a constant struggle.
Things are changing.  I’m finally finding my place.  I’m finally seeing my influence grow and my efforts pay off.  I’m getting mountain bike trails built.  I’m working with communities to get multi-use paths and sidewalk projects developed to be built.  I’m changing the way people think about transportation.  I’m part of the bigger conversations.  I’m moving my chess pieces with patience and intent.
My other blog—The Chainring Report—has focused more on personal things.  I tried to keep it as a collection of trip reports.  But my adventures are growing more tame.  It seems redundant and uninteresting even to me.  I’m not doing as many organized events, and I’m even trying to cut back more.
In the past I have tried numerous times to maintain two blogs: one for personal fluff and one for more serious issues.  But it’s never worked.  What worked best was when I was living the issues and writing solely here on the Pavement’s Edge.
I can’t say what will happen going forward, but a few things have cropped up lately that make me think reviving this blog is timely and relevant.  There have been two cycling fatalities in Central Kentucky this summer (that I know of).  A distant acquaintance was struck by a car while running just outside of my hometown.  He’s at the Cleveland Clinic recovering.
Also, activists in Kentucky have proposed a three foot law.  I have pretty strong opinions about the three foot law so I figured it was time to write something about it.  Maybe definitive.
And in general cycling and walking advocacy is growing in my district.  Interest is growing.  The issues exist in spades.  And so I recognize that I have plenty of fodder for the blog machine.  I just need to stop being lazy and get back to work.
I can’t promise regular posts.  I want my pieces here now to be well-thought out, well researched, and well vetted in the community.  I don’t want to go off half-cocked and make anyone feel funny or make myself look stupid.  It’s time to own it.


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